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An upbeat pop song parodying Skye Boat Song and giving a modern-day perspective of a couple who have fallen in love with this magical Scottish island.


Sing me a song of a heart that is won.

Say, could that heart be mine?

Joy in my soul as we crossed on that day

Over the bridge to Skye

Bring me again to the memory of here,

Bring me the isle that shined.

Bring me the place, now bring me the time,

Bring me the dream that's mine.

Island and sea,

Mountain and breeze,

Sunshine and rain,

Now I can't wait to see you again.

So take me away across the sea,

For I left my heart behind,

And the glory of life glows in my soul

When the Misty Isle is mine.

We're going to where the eagle flies

Up above the mountains so high,

And I'm counting the days 'til we are crossing

Over the bridge, over the sea to Skye.

Available for SAB with piano
Parts for rhythm section (bass & drums) strings, alto sax & trumpet available - contact Baz directly
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Skye Bridge Song - Demo
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Piano vocal scores priced at £10 for a digital copy with permission to produce up to 10 copies. Visit my Music Shop to purchase.

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