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I'll Lay Ye Doon Love | Follow The Heron

Two of the most beautiful Scottish folksongs ever written are brought together in these accessible arrangements for mixed voice choir.


I’ll Lay Ye Doon Love has existed in many forms, such is the oral tradition of folksongs. Believed to have originated in America, this arrangement derives from Scottish versions of the song, and tells of a man’s wooing of a lady and his promise to return from his travels and ‘lay her doon’ (which we presume to mean an offer of marriage, given his assurances of being an ‘honest man’!)

Follow The Heron is one of the best loved songs by Scottish folk artist Karine Polwart. It was written after she had been a guest at a Shetland folk festival, singing at an outlying island event; as she was heading home by sea in the early morning a heron rose in front of the boat and flew ahead. In the song the heron represents the return of Spring, light after darkness, hope after grief.

Available for SATB, SAB with piano
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I'll Lay Ye Doon Love - SATB digital demo
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Follow The Heron - SATB digital demo
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I'll Lay Ye Doon Love - SAB digital demo
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Follow The Heron - SAB digital demo
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Piano vocal scores priced at £20 for a digital copy with permission to produce up to 10 copies. Visit my Music Shop to purchase.

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